LIUNA Local 777

Who are we? We are you—your friends—your family.

Executive Board

Business Manager
Stephen M. Switzer
Victor M. Gordo, esq.
Sandra Brown
Vice President
Jack Mosqueda, Sr.
Recording Secretary
Jennifer J Grøndahl
David Bunjac
Irene Cordoba
Sergeant at Arms
Gloria Tate-Clark
Mark Cortez
Claudia Nava
David Yuen

A Brief History of LIUNA Local 777

Being a member of LIUNA Local 777 honors a heritage that began on April 13, 1903 when courageous workers overcame hostility, threats and violence to join together. With our Rank and File Leaders as the backbone of our Local, we have built a union that effectively represents its members. As a member of Local 777 you benefit directly from decades of dedicated, motivated Union Leadership.

What follows is a list of our proudest efforts during the last few years.